Showing off

We know it’s not nice to show off, but we are very proud of the preschool and here’s why:

What Parents Think

We recently conducted a survey of the parents at the preschool and are very pleased indeed to share parent comments:

  • “We love Ditchling Pre-school – it’s the best!”
  • “** is extremely happy at pre-school, I think the staff do a wonderful job and the communication is brilliant. Many thanks”
  • “It’s a great setting that is very nurturing.”
  • “I chose Ditchling because it had such a wonderful atmosphere. The staff impressed me and the children were happy. I knew straight away that my child would enjoy themselves.”
  • “** and ** really enjoy their time at pre-school (even though ** still has a hard time saying goodbye). They are always excited to attend and the staff are excellent! We are so grateful for Ditchling Pre-school
  • “Ditchling Pre-school is such a wonderful, caring place for my son. I feel the staff go above and beyond their requirements. It is such a personal setting in comparison to previous nursery. ** has thrived there and grown in confidence immeasurably and is very happy. Feel like I struck gold in sending him to this pre-school
  • “It’s brilliant”
  • ** is very happy at her pre-school
  • “** loves pre-school. She is well looked after and is developing well. Thank you for all your hard work looking after her and helping her to learn and develop.”
  • “We are so pleased that ** has settled in well (and so quickly!), to pre-school. He loves coming and we think it will be great advantage to him in preparation for starting school in 2016. Thank you for looking after him so well especially with recent toilet training!”
  • “Lovely pre-school and great staff. My daughter is very happy there and looks forward to every visit.”
  • “Lovely cosy setting. ** is very happy at pre-school and misses it during holidays.”


What the Children think

We also asked the children what they thought about preschool and here are some of their responses!
“I like Spiderman”

“My favourite thing is the pirate ship… And Angee”

“They have lots and lots of dressing up clothes”

“[I like] Playing Bad guys and good guys with my friends”

“I get all messy with shaving foam”

“I like playing outside and I like playing inside”

jpParent Views