Parent Zone

Our doors are open

We love talking about your children (almost!) as much as you do so if you ever want to pop in and have a chat to us, please know the door is always open. You are your child’s first and most important teacher, and so we welcome regular interaction with you. We regularly complete learning journeys  for your children, based on our observations of your child, with reference to ‘Development Matters’ (the guidance material which helps us to implement Early Years Foundations Stage requirements) and ask you to review and feedback on your child’s Learning Journeys too. We also ask you to let us know what your child’s interests are and how they evolve.

Parent Helper

The help received from parents is very important for the successful running of the pre-school.  Although non-compulsory, we encourage parents to assist us with parent helper duty. This is a unique opportunity to see your child interacting first hand and to get to know their teachers and friends.The Staff love the extra pair of hands, not to mention how much your child will enjoy having you around. At the start of each half term, we create a ‘parent help rota’ asking for time from those of you who can spare it.


The preschool was set up by parents in 1969, and as we are a registered charity (charity number 1002183), it is still run by a predominantly parent-led committee today. The committee is essential to the running of the preschool (if there is no committee there is no preschool) so if you have any time or skills to contribute to the committee we’d love to hear from you.

If you’d like to discuss any aspect of the school with the committee our contact details can be found in the preschool reception area.

Clever Clogs

If any of our parents are skilled in a particular area, or just enjoy doing an activity that might benefit the children we’d love you to visit us. In the past we’ve had Doctors bringing in skeletons, musicians, camp making classes or just great story telling.

Some Useful Documents

Here are some documents you might need to fill in or reference:

New Starter Form

A guide to the parent helper role

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